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McWEL Generators - Product of Singapore since 2006

Since Singapore's well-known construction machinery dealer & expert JPN Industrial Trading Pte Ltd. decided to release their own reliable, const-effective silent diesel generator to satisfy their customer's demand in the market, their McWEL Generator has attract various Asian customers for more than a decade.

The performance has been proved in multiple uses in the sites such as construction, factories, hotels, buildings, power back-up plant, etc.

SEDO, the Agent of McWel

We, SEDO Corporation, Ltd., is the Acknowledged Agent of the McWEL Generator.

Working together with JPN Industrial, we have sold the brand new products to East and South-East Asian countries including Japan and Korea , directly or through our sub-agents.


McWEL Generator is designed by the specialist design team to meet the requirement by various Asian customers.

Easy to Maintain

Easy-access design and layout will enable your technician carry out his routine maintenance work only by opening the doors.

Dual Voltage

The McWEL Generator has "Dual Voltage" function by default. Only by changing over the short connecting plate in control panel, the three phase output voltage can be switched from 400(380)/440V to 200/220V and vice versa.

For notification to the users, the indication lamp at the operation panel shows the operating voltage when the generator is energised.

Low Noise Level

To meet Singarepore's highly strict enviromental requirement, the McWEL Genertor is equipped with a quality low noise engine.

In addition, the design team goes further with low noise designs applied into those of air flow, exhaust, fan, vibration absorption and enclosure.

Compact in Size

The design team achieved the compact design in size as small as possible, whilst keeping its low noise level.

This allows the users can operate the generator in confined areas.

Stable Voltage

By choosing th right sizing, performance, realiability of alternator and engine each model of the McWEL generator can produce stable volatge.

Such stable voltage enable the connected eelctrical appliance work in the right manner and has the long life-time.

Low Fuel Consumption

The design team specifies the latest model of the reputable engine brands for the low fuel consumption.

Variety of Models

The McWEL Generators are offered in various models to meet customer's demand & preference.

For the capacity, from 48kVA to 550kVA.

The customers also can choose the model by their preferred model fo the engines, such as Cummins, Yanmar, Isizu and Lovol.

The manufacturer can offer on-demand & custom-made designiing upon your requrement of engine model, alternator model, Output kW/kVA,etc upon your request.

Continuous Improvement

Although the design of McWEL Generator has been proved for more than a decade by the customers on site, the manufacturer continuously put importance on improvement.

Any feedback from the customer concerning usability, reliability, requirement, etc, shall be considered seriously and sincerely for future minor or major upgrades.

Customer-Focused After-Sales Support & Services

The McWEL Generator is reputed by quick and generous support & assistance through the distributors like us and also through our sub-agents and acknowledged workshop.

The services department of the manufacture stocks range of the spare parts whilst the engineering department offers the instructive assistance by email, in the case the customer would face any problem on site or at the factory.

Focus on Quality Mnagement

To satisfy the quality requirement of the global standard, JPN Industrialis making their continuous effort on quality control on the manufacture and trading system.

The McWEL Generator is CE, TUV and ISO 9001:2008 certified.